American Nanjing Society


Mission 使命: To explore and promote Nanjing culture 探索与传播南京文化

Vision 愿景: To enhance awareness of Nanjing cultural heritage and to inspire people-to-people interactions 提升南京文化传承意识,促进民间交流

Values 价值观: creative, immersive, comprehensive 创新、浸濡、包罗万象

Meet the advisors of our Society:

  • Staff photo for Liunian Bian
    • Liunian Bian
    • Advisor

    Liunian Bian is a Chinese musician, composer and musical director.

  • Staff photo for Xiao Di Zhu
    • Xiao Di Zhu
    • Advisor

    Xiao Di Zhu is a Chinese-American writer.

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